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The Value Builder Score explained where I currently was with my business. It gave value to specific areas of my business and showed me where I needed to improve things.

–John Christian Williams
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When I first got my Value Builder Score I understood that from an acquisition standpoint we had an uphill battle in convincing others to love us as much as we loved ourselves.

–Steve Henderson
CEO, Henderson Data Solutions
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Whether you want to sell your business now or decades into the future, getting your Value Builder Score will allow you to:

Diagnose what may be holding you back from creating a company that can fully thrive without you.

View how an acquirer would evaluate your business, enabling you to focus today on what will be important down the road.

Identify hidden things that may quietly drag down the value of your business so you can eliminate them before they become a problem.

Pinpoint the part of your business that will have the most value to an acquirer so you can invest more resources in areas most attractive to an investor or acquirer.

Join 70,000 business owners and get your score on the 8 Factors that Drive Your Company’s Value, a comprehensive score analysis, and a detailed action plan for improving your score on each.

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