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The Entrepreneur's Most Valued Advisor

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Your success story begins the moment you decide to partner with us. As a Full-Service, IBBA-Certified Business Intermediary, we specialize in facilitating the marketing and sales of Main Street and Lower Middle Market businesses in New York City, Long Island, and beyond.

Our pioneering spirit, combined with years of innovation and entrepreneurship, molds us into your dedicated allies, navigating the complex waters of business sales and acquisitions with deep expertise and personalized guidance at each stage.

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Our Mission:
At the heart of every transaction we facilitate is a profound commitment to transforming business owners' dreams into vibrant realities, helping you realize the maximum value for your business sale.

We are here not just to mark a prosperous ending but also to celebrate the beginning of a new, promising chapter in your life.

Our Core Values

Client-Centric Services

We immerse ourselves in understanding your business, unique challenges, and exit goals. Our commitment goes beyond meeting expectations; we tirelessly strive to exceed them.

Unwavering Integrity

We foster collaborations grounded in mutual respect, characterized by high standards of trust, transparency, and honesty.

Results-Driven Strategy

Our passion and relentless efforts are geared toward achieving successful outcomes that benefit our clients.

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Why Clients Select VNB Business Brokers

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Experienced Deal-Makers:
Empowered with profound industry experience and robust credentials, VNB Business Brokers is adept at steering business owners toward achieving their business exit goals.

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Global Network Affiliations:
Our affiliations with leading industry associations like the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source, and the Exit Planning Institute grant us access to an extensive network of brokers and advisors globally.

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Proactive and Results-Driven:
Unlike many other brokerages, we don't simply list a business and wait for a deal. Instead, we employ a methodical approach, offering bespoke solutions tailored to individual client needs, actively championing value maximization and the successful sale of your business.

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Bespoke Solutions:
Recognizing that each business narrates a unique story, we customize our services to align with individual client requirements, integrating expertise in business valuation, value enhancement, marketing, and negotiation. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

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Holistic Approach:
Our comprehensive, process-oriented approach is designed to assess, value, and optimize your business for sale, leveraging innovative strategies and technology to attract the best offers.

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Proven 8-Step Process:
We utilize statistically proven methodologies and modern technology to enhance your business's value and secure a successful outcome.

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Track Record of Excellence:
Our history of achieving exceptional results showcases our distinctive blend of qualifications and expertise.

Our Credentials


Certified Business Intermediary


Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional


Certified Exit Planning Advisor


Certified Value Builder


Serial Entrepreneurs


Licensed Real Estate Broker

Choosing the right brokerage firm is paramount to successfully transitioning your life's most valuable asset. 

At VNB, we blend unique qualifications and expertise, ensuring a seasoned professional guides you through the intricate business sale process.

The First Step to a Successful Exit is Selecting and Retaining the Right Advisor

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Over 20 years of combined industry and entrepreneurial experience

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Leverage our robust network of over 1,500 professionals nationwide

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Thought leaders

Recognized industry leaders with regular features in Forbes and Inc.

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Your most valued advisor, with you every step of the way, guiding you to success

Our Services

Sell-Side Advisory

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We confidentially navigate business owners toward achieving the highest possible price for their businesses, leveraging our proven sales process for a swift, successful exit.


Value Building Advisory

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In a constantly evolving business landscape, enhancing the intrinsic value of your business is more critical than ever. Our Value Building Advisory services are meticulously crafted to assist business owners in maximizing their business value, preparing them for a lucrative exit when the time is right.


Exit Planning

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We can elevate your business's attractiveness and market readiness by focusing on value enhancement before the sale process begins. This ensures that when it's time to go to market, your business is optimized and perceived as a valuable enterprise, ready for a seamless transition to new ownership.

About VNB Business Brokers

VNB Business Brokers is a Full-Service Certified Business Intermediary firm specializing in the Marketing and Sales of ‘Main Street’ Businesses (Annual Revenue of $2M or less) and ‘Lower Middle Market’ Businesses (Annual Revenue of $2M to $20M).

On the Sell-Side, we advise business owners on the sale of their businesses in a confidential manner. We use our expertise to help them achieve their goals of exiting the business successfully for the highest possible price, and in the shortest period of time using our proven sales process.

On the Buy-Side, we work closely with individual investors and private equity groups to assist them with finding the right business opportunities for them based on their skill sets, interests, financial capabilities and acquisition goals.

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