Business Sales, SIMPLIFIED

Selling your business is a complex undertaking, perhaps the biggest decision you'll ever make. Entrust this significant step to a reputable and credentialed brokerage firm that helps you realize your business exit dreams.

Streamline your business sale process with confidence and ease!

✅ Our innovative and proven sales methodology simplifies the process. 

Navigate your business sale to the finish line for the highest possible market value in the least amount of time. 

Personalized Solutions: We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit your needs and objectives.

Let's Connect, Collaborate, and Close!

Your Trusted Partner for Successful Business Exits

Discover the VNB advantage, where seasoned expertise meets innovation, crafted to turn your business aspirations into tangible achievements. We go beyond the typical brokerage role, positioning ourselves as your steadfast ally in the nuanced world of business sales and acquisitions.

Whether you're considering selling your business, planning for a future exit, or exploring new acquisition opportunities, we act as your guiding force, navigating your journey with unparalleled expertise, determination, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

A Trailblazing Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory Firm

Pioneering in business brokerage and M&A advisory, we blend advanced technology with deep entrepreneurial expertise. Our cutting-edge processes and systems are tailored to your unique journey, dedicated to transforming your business exit aspirations into realities. We are not your typical brokerage; we are partners committed to your personal, professional, and financial success, driving results that move beyond traditional brokerage.


We guarantee to increase monthly revenue


We guarantee to increase social engagements


We guarantee to increase web impressions

Holistic Approach: Combining the Best of All Worlds

With best-in-class industry credentials, including Certified Business Intermediary, M&A Specialist, Exit Planning Advisor, and Value Builder, we bring a synergistic blend of insights and strategies to each client engagement. Backed by in-depth market intelligence and cutting-edge technology, we create a personalized roadmap designed for your success.

Beyond Transactions: Cultivating Business Transformations

Our philosophy goes beyond just business transactions. Our approach integrates value maximization, which enhances your business's worth and facilitates a more rewarding exit, setting the stage for an exhilarating new beginning in life's next chapter.

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Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)

The CBI designation is the gold standard in the business brokerage industry, symbolizing best-in-class representation. We are proud to be among the less than ten business brokers in New York and the fewer than 600 globally certified by the IBBA.

Complimentary Business Value Assessment

Our comprehensive business and financial analysis provides a simplified understanding of your business's worth based on our valuation and marketplace expertise.

We’re Entrepreneurs, Just Like You

We'll guide you through a successful sale because we've done it for ourselves. Receive guidance from our experienced team, led by our Founder and President, who has successfully sold his businesses in the financial and technology sectors.

We Co-Broke

National Exposure, Local Focus. We collaborate with brokers nationwide, ensuring your business listing receives wider exposure and heightened opportunities.

Single Point of Contact

By acting as a single point of contact, we streamline communication, sparing you the complexity of dealing with multiple brokers. This ensures a seamless experience.

Proven Deal Makers

Deal Mastery is in our DNA. Leveraging our proven BizMarket™ sales process, we're equipped to facilitate the sale of your business swiftly.

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