Selling a Business

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Is It the Right Time to Sell?

As a business owner, the hours, passion, and resources you've poured into your venture are incalculable. Your enterprise is a testament to your ambitions and the welfare of those who depend on it: your family, team, and loyal customers. The decision to sell this embodiment of your dreams and aspirations can be both exhilarating and daunting.

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At VNB Business Brokers, we comprehend that this journey transcends financial transactions. It's an emotional transition akin to parting with a cherished entity you've built and seen flourish. Yet, with change come new opportunities—new adventures, quality time with loved ones, and the financial freedom you've worked towards.

Preparation is paramount whether you're contemplating selling now or gearing up for a future transition. Allow VNB, a leading business brokerage, and M&A advisory firm, to navigate you through this transition with the insights, tools, and strategies to sidestep potential pitfalls and facilitate a seamless transition.

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Knowing the true value of your business is the cornerstone of strategic planning, a crucial step toward realizing your personal, professional, and financial goals.

Our assessment and valuation processes have been designed meticulously to provide clarity and Answer 4 Key Questions:

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

How 'Sellable' Is Your Business?

Is Your Business Ready For You To Exit?

What Can You Do to Enhance Your Business’s Attractiveness and 'Sellability'?

An informed business owner, adeptly prepared for the transition and cognizant of their business's value, is at a vantage point, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a successful business sale at an optimal price. This scenario starkly contrasts with those who venture down this path without comprehensive preparation.


A business owner who is ready for transition, has an attractive business, knows what their business is worth and understands which value drivers impact the value of their business, greatly increases the odds that the business will successfully transition hands and maximize its sale price - compared with business owners who do not take action to plan ahead for their business sale.

Did You Know?


51%of the current American business market is owned by Baby Boomers, who are set to transition over the next zero to ten years. (EPI)


Approximately 7.7M businesses are set to change hands in the next 10 years, representing over $10 trillion in value (BizEquity)


Only20%-30% of businesses that go to market actually sell, leaving up to 80% of those without solid options to harvest their wealth and ensure continuity into the next generation.


80%-90%of business owners Net Worth is tied to their business (their most illiquid asset)


98% of small business owners don’t know what their business is worth - IBIS World


100%of business owners will exit their businesses one day.


Roughly 50% of all business exits are involuntarily and forced by external factors, known as the Dismal D’s (Death, Disability, Divorce, Disagreement, Distress)

You Only Get One Chance To Sell Your Business.

How Prepared Are You?

Successfully Selling a Business Is a Systematic Process

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It all starts with a Sellability Assessment and Valuation!

Getting your Free Value Builder Score serves as a vital stepping stone in exploring your journey to selling your business. This interactive tool provides invaluable insights for business owners eager to understand their business's worth or keen on enhancing its value, whether you're ready to sell now or in the future. 

Completing the assessment allows business owners to better understand their business's worth from the perspective of potential acquirers. They can also uncover strategies to enhance its value, identify areas for improvement, and formulate an actionable plan to maximize its market appeal, unlocking its hidden potential. 

Obtaining a realistic, objective, market-based evaluation of your business from a qualified advisor is essential for determining its value and strategically positioning it in the market to attract the best offers, whether you decide to sell now or in the future.

Client Success Stories

5 Reasons to Get Your Value Builder Score

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Leverage the statistically proven efficacy of The Value Builder System™, a proprietary tool used by 70,000 business owners.

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Get a score on your business's performance against the eight key drivers that determine its value.

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Benchmark your business against industry peers to understand where you stand in the competitive landscape.

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Better understand the current market value of your business based on today’s economic climate and market conditions.

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Companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ received offers that are up to 71% higher than the average business.

It’s easy, 100% confidential, and only takes 13 minutes to complete.

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