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Watch the 8 Key Value Drivers Video Series

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Uncover the essential aspects that prospective buyers consider when evaluating the potential risks and rewards of acquiring your business. Our meticulously organized video series is based on the 8 Key Value Drivers, which form the foundation of The Value Builder Assessment questions.

Invest just 20 minutes of your time to watch these brief yet informative videos. Each 2+ minute segment delivers invaluable insights that are accessible, easy to comprehend, and highly relevant to your business's success.

Attain a comprehensive understanding of how potential acquirers perceive your business opportunity, empowering you to maximize its value. Elevate your knowledge about the 8 Key Value Drivers—the factors that drive business valuation and buyer interest—by watching our educational video series today!

Watch 8 Key Value Drivers Video Series

Financial Performance

Value Driver 1

Growth Potential

Value Driver 2

The Switzerland Structure

Value Driver 3

The Valuation See-Saw

Value Driver 4

Recurring Revenue

Value Driver 5

The Monopoly Control

Value Driver 6

Customer Satisfaction

Value Driver 7

Hub and Spoke

Value Driver 8
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