Considering Selling Your Business?

Now Is the Best Time to Act!

Have you lost passion for what you do? Ready for a fresh start or a new opportunity? Or you're transitioning into a life event like retirement.

Regardless, initiating the preparation now amplifies your chances of a successful sale.

At VNB Business Brokers, one informed step can set the trajectory for your entire business sale journey.

Here's a Brutal Fact

An alarming 80% of small businesses that go to market never sell. It's not that they don't sell quickly. It's that they don't sell at all.

This is a clear reminder: knowledge, preparation, and strategy are the keys to a successful transition.

So, where do you stand?

Are you prepared to become one of those statistics? Or do you envision a different future for yourself? A future where you craft a legacy, secure financial stability, and watch your dedication and hard work pay off?

Your Business's True Worth: It's Not Just a Number.

Your journey in business has been a unique tale of dedication and perseverance. Your business's value isn't just about numbers. It encompasses its intrinsic worth, the legacy you've built, and its potential for the future. And most importantly, ensure that it's adequately reflected when the time comes for a sale.

Taking the First Steps

Get Your Value Builder Score

Start by understanding the value drivers for your business using a systematically proven methodology.

Not only does it benchmark you against peers, but it reveals how to enhance your business's value. It's more than just a score; it's a roadmap.

Personalized Consultation

Let's discuss your assessment results together.

This isn't a generic conversation but a personalized dialogue based on your assessment. The better we understand your business upfront, the more value we can offer in this initial discussion.
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The Clock Is Ticking

Selling your business is a monumental event. And preparation? That's key. Many companies fail to sell due to insufficient preparation or improper pricing. Don't let that be your narrative. Our 8-Step BizMarket™ Sales Process is designed to ensure your business isn't just listed but SOLD. But remember, time is of the essence. The best time to act is now.

Why CLIENTS choose vnb

Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)

The CBI designation is the gold standard in the business brokerage industry, symbolizing best-in-class representation. We are proud to be among the less than ten business brokers in New York and the fewer than 600 globally certified by the IBBA.

Complimentary Business Value Assessment

Our comprehensive business and financial analysis provides a simplified understanding of your business's worth based on our valuation and marketplace expertise.

We’re Entrepreneurs, Just Like You

We'll guide you through a successful sale because we've done it for ourselves. Receive guidance from our experienced team, led by our Founder and President, who has successfully sold his businesses in the financial and technology sectors.

We Co-Broke

National Exposure, Local Focus. We collaborate with brokers nationwide, ensuring your business listing receives wider exposure and heightened opportunities.

Single Point of Contact

By acting as a single point of contact, we streamline communication, sparing you the complexity of dealing with multiple brokers. This ensures a seamless experience.

Proven Deal Makers

Deal Mastery is in our DNA. Leveraging our proven BizMarket™ sales process, we're equipped to facilitate the sale of your business swiftly.

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Empowering Business Futures

VNB Business Brokers is on a mission to revolutionize business transitions.

Our goal: Elevating success rates from 20-30% to new heights. With innovative technologies and proven strategies, we break free from traditional brokerage. Founded by an entrepreneur who's been in your shoes, our robust processes transform transactions into valued partnerships.

Begin your journey: Complete your assessment today, schedule a free consultation, and let us champion your business sale.

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