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Increase Your Business Value by
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Embark on a transformative journey with The Value Builder System—a statistically proven methodology engineered to bolster your business and safeguard your future. Are you ready to amplify your business's worth and secure a successful exit strategy? If yes, it's time to unlock your business's potential.

Benefits of The Value Builder System

An interactive tool that acts as the roadmap to improving the value of your business.

Increase Your Business Value

Build your business value by up to 71% using a statistically proven methodology and comprehensive assessment across 8 critical drivers, providing a clear roadmap for improvement.


Comprehensive Analysis

Conduct a thorough evaluation of every aspect of your organization, including financial performance and team effectiveness, uncovering insights and seeing your business through the eyes of potential acquirers.


Actionable Steps for Success

Receive a tailored action plan for each value driver, offering practical steps for success and guidance toward creating a company that can thrive without the owner.


Attract the Right Buyers

Strategically position your company to appeal to the ideal buyers, using unique insights into how acquirers perceive your business, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


Identify Hidden Obstacles

Discover and tackle hidden issues that could undermine your business value, addressing them early to prevent potential problems from derailing your future success.


Focus on High-Value Areas

Prioritize high-value areas attractive to investors or acquirers, enabling strategic focus and resource allocation to maximize your company's overall value.


Proven Results

Achieve offers up to 71% higher than the average company.

12 Value Building Modules

The Value Builder Assessment

Discover the "Sellability" of your business with a comprehensive assessment. Gain insights that empower you to enhance your business's appeal to potential buyers, whether you plan to sell now or in the future.

The Scalability Finder

Identify the products and services in your business with the highest potential for rapid growth. Develop a roadmap to scale your company while minimizing your personal involvement.

Customer Score

Deploy a customer satisfaction survey that predicts your company's growth rate. Benchmark your results against successful and fast-growing companies worldwide to gain valuable insights.

Growth Potential

Pinpoint the product and service lines in your business that have the most significant potential for growth with minimal risk. Maximize your growth opportunities and increase your company's value.

Recurring Revenue

Uncover opportunities for annuity revenue in your business. Improve cash flow and profitability by identifying ways to generate consistent, predictable income. Learn from the operating metrics used by successful subscription-based companies.

Monopoly Control

Evaluate your market positioning and identify the attributes that give your business a defendable position. Discover the most effective marketing messages that differentiate you from competitors and resonate with customers.

Hub & Spoke

Reduce your dependence on daily involvement in your business. Survey your employees to identify areas where additional training, systems, or processes can minimize your personal reliance and enhance operational efficiency.

The Switzerland Structure

Assess your reliance on any single employee, customer, or supplier. Develop strategies to reduce over-reliance and decrease risk, ensuring the stability and continuity of your business.

Customer Score

Deploy a customer satisfaction survey that predicts your company's growth rate. Benchmark your results against successful and fast-growing companies worldwide to gain valuable insights.

Valuation Teeter-Totter

Optimize your cash flow from day-to-day operations. Create an action plan to increase cash flow while minimizing periods of low cash flow, reducing stress, and improving financial stability.

The Short List Builder

Identify potential acquirers with a strategic reason and the resources to buy your company. Whether you plan to sell in the near or distant future, knowing the natural buyers for your business helps you make decisions that enhance its attractiveness.

The Envelope Test

Articulate your goals for both your business and your life. Explore how selling your business can impact your life and envision your dream. The Envelope Test guides you through essential questions and considerations.


Can You Afford to Leave
Your Success to Chance?

Seize Every Opportunity

Boost your business's value – face the risks of inaction. Don't let success slip away.

Secure Your Financial Freedom

Strategize for post-sale rewards – avoid financial uncertainty. Secure a prosperous future.

Avoid Regret and Disappointment

Shape a successful business journey – eliminate missed opportunities. Make every decision count.

Preserve Your Legacy

Make lasting strategic decisions – protect your hard work's significance. Build a proud legacy.

Realize Your Dreams

Pursue aspirations with determination – prevent them from slipping away. Turn dreams into reality.

Find Peace of Mind

Foster tranquility through planning – dodge decision-making turmoil. Achieve inner peace.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Adopt innovative strategies – excel in your industry. Stand out and lead with confidence.

Broaden Your Horizons

Overcome limitations – seize growth opportunities. Unlock new possibilities and potential.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Discover hidden paths to success – utilize untapped potential. Unleash your business's capabilities.

Ensure Financial Security

Establish a foundation for prosperity – strengthen your future stability. Control your financial destiny.

Don't wait for success to knock on your door – take charge and act now.

Boost Your Business

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Choose Your Path to Success

Customize your journey to success with our flexible options, each designed to meet your unique needs:


Value Blueprint

Unearth Your Business's Hidden Value with our Value Blueprint Package. Get a holistic understanding of your business with insights into its intrinsic worth, key value drivers, market attractiveness, and readiness for a prosperous transition. Using a meticulous, data-backed methodology, you'll have the insights to elevate your business's value strategically.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Value Builder Score Report: Receive a 29-30 page report highlighting your company's key value drivers and pinpointing areas for enhancement.

1-on-1 Assessment Report Review with a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor.

Estimate of Value: Get a precise estimate of your business's current worth powered by The Value Builder System's sophisticated, proprietary algorithm.

Scenario Planning for Future Value Estimation: Use our interactive tool to identify value gaps and visualize the impact of value-building improvements on potential future value estimates.


Platinum Value Growth

Embark on a transformative journey towards business prosperity with our Platinum Value Growth Package. This robust package offers a blend of online access to The Value Builder System and advisory support to maximize your business potential.

Key Features:

The Value Builder Engagement: Dive deep into our 12-module program, available on a user-friendly, cloud-based platform. Navigate these modules at your own pace, empowering yourself with the knowledge and insights to enhance your business's value systematically.

Full Access to The Value Builder System (12 Months): Harness a leading platform dedicated to building company value. Leverage technology tand valuable resources to drive significant value growth.

Comprehensive 12-Module Program: Direct your learning journey and implement the strategies at your own pace. Unlock each value-building module, arming yourself with the essential tools and proven techniques to boost your business's value.

Ongoing Email Support: Receive prompt assistance and answers to your questions from your Certified Value Builder via email to support you throughout your value building journey.

PLUS, all benefits of the Value Blueprint Package, including a Comprehensive Value Builder Score Report, 1-on-1 Expert Review, Estimate of Value, Scenario Planning for Future Value Estimation, and more.


Diamond Mastermind Accelerator

Accelerate your business's growth with our Diamond Mastermind Accelerator, an exclusive 10-week FastTrack program tailored for busy executives seeking rapid and significant value enhancement. Experience the distilled essence of the traditional 12-month Value Builder Engagement, now in a dynamic, time-saving format.

Immerse yourself in The Value Builder System's curriculum, rich with video tutorials, hands-on exercises, and weekly group sessions facilitated by a Certified Value Builder, harnessing the power of collaborative group learning and discussion. Begin the program with a 1-on-1 Intro session and conclude with a 1-on-1 Exit session to ensure your continued success.

Key Features:

Accelerated 10-Week Program: Propel your business's growth efficiently with a program structured for executives seeking significant, impactful advancement without a long-term program commitment.

Integrated Hybrid Learning: Engage with a curated blend of weekly video tutorials and hands-on exercises, followed by weekly group sessions that foster deep understanding and application of value-building strategies.

Strategic Social Learning: Tap into the collective insights from an exclusive community, targeting critical business areas for improvement with our collaborative learning model, drawing on the diverse experiences of fellow entrepreneurs to refine your strategies.

Personalized Support: Benefit from a 1-on-1 Intro session with a Certified Value Builder before the program commences, followed by a 1-on-1 Exit session upon completion, ensuring you're primed for ongoing success.

12-Month Access: Participants receive a full year's access to The Value Builder System providing continuous access to self-serve value building resources beyond the program's duration.

Transform Your Business Today

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Register for Your Value Builder Engagement

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Step 2

Get Your Value Builder Score and Assessment Report

Uncover the true value of your business and identify untapped potential. Our comprehensive assessment will provide invaluable insights that shape the trajectory of your transformational journey.

Step 3

Schedule Your Value Builder Assessment Review Call

Unlock the power of personalized guidance tailored to your unique business needs. Our expert advisors will help you interpret your score, discover improvement opportunities, and craft a roadmap to maximize your business's value.

Step 4

Complete All 12 Online Modules

Immerse yourself in our powerful self-guided program or engage collaboratively with your advisor—whichever path you choose, you'll gain access to our extensive library of practical resources and actionable strategies. Embrace a transformational curriculum that empowers you to unleash your business's true potential.

Step 5

Improve Your Score on the 8 Key Drivers

Harness our proven methodology to focus on enhancing the eight fundamental drivers that shape your business's value. With step-by-step guidance and expert insights, you'll make meaningful improvements that propel your company's growth.

Step 6

Watch Your Company's Value Grow

Witness the remarkable transformation as you implement strategic changes that maximize your business's value. Experience the satisfaction of watching your company flourish, opening doors to new opportunities, financial abundance, and long-term success.

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