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Estimate of Value: Blueprint by VNB

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Discover your Business’s Worth and Unlock its Hidden Value with a Strategic Roadmap for Success.

🚀 Designed for Business Owners Strategizing Their Exit

"Without knowing where you are, you cannot determine where you're going."

Trusted by over 70,000 business owners

Key Highlights:

Current Market Insights: Understand your business's estimated value in today's market.

Sellability Assessment: Gauge your business's attractiveness and readiness for a sale.

Value Building: Discover ways to enhance company value before you sell.

1-on-1 Expert Review of your report's findings with a Certified Value Builder.

In-Depth Report: Receive a comprehensive report with detailed insights into your business’s key value drivers.

Data-Driven Intelligence: Valuation powered by the Value Builder System's proprietary algorithm.

Interactive Scenario Planning: Identify value gaps and visualize how different scenarios impact your potential future value.


PREScore Report: Gauge your personal readiness to exit and avoid post-sale regrets.

BizEquity Online Business Valuation

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Determine The Real Business's Value with Precision and Confidence. 🚀 Self-Serve, Fast, and Accurate

Powered by a World-Class 7-Step Patented Algorithm

“The future belongs to those who know where they stand today.”

Answer the elephant-in-the-room question:
What's Your Business Worth?™

Key Highlights:

Accurate, In-Depth Analysis: 143 data points using Market, Asset, and Income valuation methods.

29-30-page Detailed Report: Four distinct valuation scenarios - Asset Sale, Equity, Enterprise, and Liquidation Values.

Comparative Analysis: Benchmark against industry peers in 13 Key Performance Indicators.

Trusted Worldwide: Used by over 33 million private businesses.

User-Friendly Platform: 7-Step, cloud-based valuation process.

Big Data Insights: Powered by 25 sources and a patented 7-step algorithm.

Comparisons to over 17 million businesses


Monitor Your Value: Complimentary report updates within 12 months.

Comparable Transaction Report: Receive insights on businesses sold in your industry.

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