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Get Your Free Value Builder Score

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Schedule a 1-1Consultation

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Opinion of Value, Sellability & Readiness Assessments

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Prepare Your Business for Sale

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Create Engaging Marketing Documents

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Attract Qualified Buyers

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Conduct Pre-Due Diligence and Negotiations

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Expertly Manage the Transaction Through Closing


Get Your Free Value Builder Score

Discover how your business ranks on the 8 key value drivers and receive an estimate of its overall worth. This initial scorecard is essential for understanding where your business stands and preparing for a successful sale.

Get Your Free Value Builder Score
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Initial Consultation

Kick off your journey with a Confidential and No-Obligation Consultation with an expert advisor. We'll share insights from our preliminary review of your report, and we're eager to learn more about your personal, business, and financial goals.

This brief call allows us to explore solutions that best suit your needs and help pave the way for the rewarding exit you deserve.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Consultation
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Business Valuation, Sellability & Readiness Assessments

Our deep-dive analysis, specifically tailored to your business, delivers an 'Opinion of Value' and a thorough assessment of its marketability and readiness for sale. We go beyond the numbers and integrate a 360-degree view approach, ensuring alignment with your personal and financial goals.

With a holistic understanding of your business's current position and a thorough assessment of your exit goals, we'll craft a strategic, actionable roadmap for navigating toward a successful business transition.

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Prepare Your Business for Sale

We'll provide expert advice on potential improvements to optimize your business for the market, enhancing its value and appeal to potential acquirers. Our approach includes exploring all viable options to boost your business's value, ensuring it stands out.

With a commitment to maximizing your success, we'll guide you in preparing your business for a strong market presence, ensuring it is 'sale-ready' and positioned for success.

Prepare Your Business for Sale
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Create Engaging Marketing Documents

Our expert marketing team specializes in creating customized marketing documents tailored to showcase your business's unique strengths and potential to buyers. This marketing collateral features a detailed business summary, clearly articulating your value proposition and highlighting key financial data, growth trends, competitive advantages, and market insights.

Crafted by our cross-functional team of professional copywriters, graphic designers, analysts, and researchers, our marketing package is designed to effectively attract and engage potential buyers and maximize your chances of securing a successful sale.

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Connecting with Ideal Buyers

We leverage our extensive buyer network and marketing expertise to attract prospective buyers who are genuinely interested in your business. Our focus includes targeting strategic acquirers seeking to expand their portfolios, individuals aspiring to business ownership, industry-specific investors with deep knowledge and resources, and private equity firms pursuing high-growth investments.

Our screening process ensures that only serious, well-matched buyers are considered, saving you valuable time.

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Facilitate Negotiations and Financing

As prospective acquirers express interest, we'll assess their financial capabilities, experience, and intentions. As your advocate, we'll facilitate negotiations between you and potential buyers, striving to reach a fair and equitable agreement. We'll assist you in comparing price and terms, providing expert guidance and support throughout the negotiation process.

We can leverage our longstanding relationships with SBA lenders, offering buyers more options to finance the transaction and facilitating access to capital when necessary.

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Expert Transaction Management Through Closing

Our goal is to deliver personalized, professional service unmatched in our industry. Partnering with VNB means having an advisor dedicated to advocating for your interests and safeguarding confidentiality at every stage.

We actively manage the deal process, keeping you informed with regular progress updates and ensuring a seamless and efficient path to closing. Count on us for a stress-free experience and a rewarding exit as we guide you through each step with expertise and care.

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