Estimate of Value: Blueprint by VNB

Discover your Business’s Worth and Unlock its Hidden Value with a Strategic Roadmap for Success.


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Discover your business's current worth and unlock its hidden potential. Understand its key value drivers, growth potential, market attractiveness, and readiness for transition.

Our Estimate of Value provides a foundational, high-level valuation assessment, laying the groundwork for understanding and amplifying your business's value before diving into a more detailed valuation analysis. Whether you're considering a sale soon or envisioning it several decades from now, obtaining an Estimate of Value is essential for strategic business planning. It's not just about preparing to sell – it's about gearing up for success.

What's Included

Beyond Just Numbers: Unlock a strategic blueprint that paints a future full of potential for your business.

Data-Driven Excellence: Powered by data from over 50,000 market transactions, industry-specific ‘Rules of Thumb’ and 70,000 Value Builder Score Assessments.

Comprehensive Insights: Delve into the key factors contributing to your business’s worth with our all-encompassing report.

Scenario Planning: Visualize and strategize with an interactive tool that assists in identifying value gaps and planning for value growth.

1-on-1 Review Session: Engage in a 60-minute discussion with a Certified Value Builder about your report’s findings. Leverage their expertise to pinpoint opportunities and plan the next steps effectively.

Value Building Resources: Explore our vast collection of articles, podcasts, webinars, and e-books, each crafted meticulously to guide your journey to improving business value.

BONUS - PREScore Report: Step into your future with confidence. Approximately 75% of business owners express regrets after a sale. Our report helps you gauge your readiness for life’s next chapter and ensures an exit without regrets.

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