Begin Your Journey to Exponential Value Growth with our Essential Resources.


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Kickstart your Journey towards exponential value growth with our essential resources. This free package provides valuable insights into your company's current standing and is the perfect stepping stone to building a more valuable business.

What's Included

Value Builder Score: Receive a 1-page Summary Scorecard offering a quick overview of your company's current value assessment, enabling you to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

PREScore Report: Assess your Personal Readiness to Exit with detailed analysis, helping you understand the factors influencing your preparedness for a successful business transition.

Monthly Articles on Building Value: Stay updated with the latest insights, strategies, and trends in building company value through curated articles written by industry experts.

Weekly Built-to-Sell Radio Podcasts: Gain practical tips and insights from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, providing invaluable knowledge to grow your business value.

Quarterly Webinar Invitations: Join exclusive webinars featuring industry experts discussing various aspects of value growth, giving you access to insider knowledge and networking opportunities.

8 Drivers of Value Video Series: Explore key drivers that impact a company’s value through an engaging video series, allowing you to focus on the most critical factors for your business.

The Exit Checklist Whitepaper & e-Book Downloads: Access essential resources to help you prepare for a successful exit, ensuring a smooth and profitable transition.

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